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Clinic LaserFocus is the newest and most sophisticated center for refractive surgery in the region, offering patients a unique approach, a palpable sense of security and confidence. We afford access to the latest cutting-edge technology in refractive surgery and ophthalmology in existence today. Incorporated with that is our team of experts acclaimed throughout the region and the world.

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MASTERCLASS X important jubilee and humanitarian touch 03.11.2018.

MASTERCLASS X important jubilee and humanitarian touch

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Take care of your eye health 11.12.2012.

Take care of your eye health

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The Fourth Masterclass 09.07.2012.

The Fourth Masterclass

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Branka Vučinić "Million thanks to dear God and my dear doctor who managed to "persuade" me to undergo laser dioptre removal. All compliments for Dr. Sanja and Dr. Jankov..."

- Azra Šoše, PRK, Čapljina, Bosna i Hercegovina

Tanja Bireš "Two days after the surgery have elapsed. I feel perfectly well. My sight improves on a dayly basis and the pictures become ever more clear..."

- Sanja Jovanović, LASIK, Požarevac

Marija Kocić "I owe Dr. Jankov a great debt of gratitude. Five months ago he performed cataract surgery on one eye, and on the 3rd of September 2009 he carried out the same operation on the other..."

- Biljana Mitrović, cataract surgery

Aleksandar Miladinović "I'm writing this with a huge smile on my face, elated that my affliction is gone. When I was told upon examination that I had a cataract on my left eye I was scared because I didn't know what to do; it was then that my neighbour told me of Dr. Jankov and how she was sure he could end my suffering..."

- Nadežda Pavlović, cataract surgery, 97 years old

TV show "Doctor advice"

Dr Mirko Jankov speck about ophthalmology and refractive surgery at the Pink television.

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